Mighty Eagle Coaching.

It has been proven scientifically that coaching improves people’s performance, their feeling of responsibility and the overall way people carry themselves. Coaching focuses on your habits, your way of thinking and the way you deal with your emotions.

I am aware that coaching is a very broad term, and that there are alot of coaches out there. On this page you’ll find out what sets me apart from other regular ‘life coaches’.

I am specialized in Personal Transformation, and the model I use for my coaching is called ‘Mighty Eagle’.

If you have any questions, you can check the F.A.Q. section at the bottom of this page, or send me a message.

What Can Be Achieved With Mighty Eagle Coaching? 

We are aware of the fact that every client is unique – Results are based on the average client.


Become Happier

Who doesn’t want to be happy with themselves? We know we do. Accepting yourself as you are is a big step forward towards a happy life. Is there a specific area you’re not satisfied with? We’ll make sure that gets handled.


Deal With Your Environment

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You are someone on a mission. Not everyone will understand you. Sometimes the opinions of others can cause you to lose focus. We help you deal with this.


Become A Leader

Are you capable of leading yourself? If you aren’t, you won’t be able to lead others. Become decisive, be creative, and show determination and people will start following you. It’s time to think for yourself.


Break Through Limits

No more holding yourself back with your current beliefs. It’s time for a different outlook on your life. At least for those who want to get some altitude. Warning: you may be shocked to see what is possible.


Become Indispensable

Do people miss you when you’re not around at work? Or are you easily replaced by someone else? We will help you become indispensable to your boss, to your colleagues, anyone that makes use of your time.


Boost Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem affects everything you do, it’s the #1 factor that determines success. If you like yourself, rate yourself highly, view yourself as worthy: you will be so much more effective (and attractive!).


Positive Outcomes For Your Goals

New Awareness Of Your Beliefs

New Found Motivation To Get Started (again)

"Next Step" Action Plan For Your Life

Are These Results You'd Want? Then Keep Reading Or..

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Additional Results That Are Very Likely


Get Ahead Of Your Competition

Although you might not like to admit it: other people have an impact on the success that you will have. Make sure you are the one that goes the extra mile to stay ahead. You don’t want to chase others. You will lead others.


Make Use Of Your Unique Abilities

One of the hardest things in life is finding unique abilities. We will help you find these. We go beyond the usual ‘finding your unique abilities’. We help you find, implement and grow these skills. Mighty Eagle Style.

Does This Sound Like You?

Rough outline of the average client we’ve coached so far.


Condition #1

I have tried everything, but I can’t seem to get the job done (on my own, at least).


Condition #2

I am often unsure of myself. I sometimes think I’m no good. No one knows this.


Condition #3

I lost track of where I’m going in life. Time seems to be flying me by. Where will I end up?


Condition #4

I feel like I’m a jack of all trades. I’m not that good in anything really, I drift from idea to idea.


Condition #5

I’m not privileged like rich kids. If only I had more money or resources, than I’d be better off.


Condition #6

The opposite sex doesn’t pay attention to me. I’m invisible to all people sometimes. This hurts, alot

What Others Are Saying About The Coaching

See what previous, and satisfied, clients have to say.

“The sessions give you a chance to reflect whether you are going where you want to go with your goals, and life in general. In the usual slump it’s hard to make time for this. Robert listens really, really well, and then quickly gets to the root of the problem. He was very effectice, in our weekly hourly sessions we achieved alot of progress. Thanks to Robert I am now back on track with my goals.”

Robbert G. (24)


“Robert didn’t lead me to where he wanted me to go. He listens carefully to what you’re trying to say, and then uncovers this. It felt like magic sometimes.  Everything he does is in service of me getting the results I want. I found out stuff about myself I would’ve never come up with without Robert’s help. I didn’t know what to expect at first from coaching, but after one session I was sold.”

Johan M. (24)

Laboratory Tech

What We Offer You

General services and helpful information.

Personal Experience

We have gone through our own personal transformation. All of the conditions stated above are conditions we’ve dealt with ourselves.


Up To Date Coaching

We as coaches get coaching ourselves. We believe 110% in coaching and know anyone can benefit from getting coached.

Access To Personal Notes

No need to go through every book or course we’ve gone through. You’ll get access to our personal notes when it’s relevant.

Personalised Coaching

We adjust the coaching to your needs. No standardized package that fits everyone. Your unique input is very important to us.

Mighty Eagle Coaching Requirements

What is asked of you before you can get coaching.

100% Commitment

We take coaching serious, especially because we know how valuable coaching is when you commit to it 100%. Yes, humor is always allowed.


Be an open book. To make the most of the coaching essions, we need honesty and transparency. This makes the sessions 100% more valuable.

You (insert name)

You shouldn’t be overlooked. You are important. We want you to be in these coaching sessions with us. Not someone else pretending to be you.

Skype Account

We need somewhere to talk to each other. Skype is easy to use, and it’s free. Haven’t got Skype yet? You can get it here: Download Skype.

What's Next? Free 'Spread Your Wings' Session

Before we get started and decide to work with each other, it’s always helpful to get to know each other first.

This leaves space for us both to decide whether we’re going to work together, without being obligated to anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you're the right choice for me?

Just like car dealers let you take a car for a test drive, you can take me an a test drive too.

I prefer getting to know a potential client before making arrangements also. It might be so that I don’t think I can provide you with the best help, because your situation is not my area of expertise.

When this happens, I’ll try to find you a coach within my network that can help you out. 🙂

How much does your coaching cost?

That depends entirely on the outcome of the free coaching session. Every client and their situation differs.

I work with monthly payments.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, I do, for the first 4 session (that’s about 30-45 days).

Little side-note: A big part of coaching is the client (you). I can be the greatest coach of all time, but when the client doesn’t implement or commit 100% to what we’re working on together, nothing will be achieved.

So only when you can look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I’ve done all I could, and have committed to the coaching 100%, but I aren’t getting any results.” I will pay you back every single dollar, no questions asked.

What happens after we decide to work together?

First of we will celebrate the start of the upcoming journey we are both starting.

Second we will dive right in and get started. You’re hiring me for results, not for chit-chat.

What does the average coaching session look like?

I always start of by asking how you’re feeling. And how the period has been since we last spoke.

Chances are high I’ve given you some homework at the end of the last session. If I did: we’ll discuss how it went.

From there on we’ll move on and get things going.

The driving force of the coaching are the goals you have, which have been set up with me.

During the session we’ll find out what knowledge you’ll need to achieve these goals, what attitudes are beneficial, what skills you need and lastly, what habits will help you achieve these goals (faster).

Do I need to change everything in my life? I want to keep some things around.

I’m not here to tell you to do anything. If you don’t want to change something, you won’t have to.

But, I will at least question you why you wouldn’t want to change this. Especially when changing it will be very beneficial for you.

In the end, you’re still the boss of your own life. And as one of my favorite quotes says: “People will always be the experts of their own lives.”

Side-note: sometimes you’ve just got to go ahead and listen to the expert you’re hiring, and see for yourself what happens when you commit to trying it out. There is a reason you’ve hired me, right? 🙂

Why do you give away most of your material for free?

Because I like giving and sharing.

I’m just as happy when somebody thanks me after reading my blog for free, or after a good coaching session for which I get paid.

My goal is to help as many people as possible. I can help more people by giving away alot of stuff for free. People who want more (personal) help can always get this by applying for coaching.

I don't want coaching now, but I may be interested some other time.

This is entirely possible. You can sign up for the wishlist. When a spot opens up, you’ll get notified. The person that’s been on the wishlist the longest, will get a shot on the open spot first. 🙂

You succesfully signed up for the wishlist 🙂

P.S. You’ll get a free goodie too.

Is your question not listed here, but you’d like an answer to it? You can contact me in multiple ways:

  • Go to the Get In Touch page on this website.
  • (If you’re on a desktop): See the red ‘Contact Us’ bar on the right side of your screen? Click it to send me a message.
  • Go to my private Facebook and send me a message there.
  • Go to the Bird to Eagle Facebook Page and send me a message there.
  • Send a message to robert@birdtoeagle.com
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