Spread Your Wings, Today 

I believe we can change the world if we all did work that we’re passionate about. 

We need you to step up and do the thing that you want to do.

Stop rotting away at some dead-end job. The world needs you to live up to your true potential. 

We need you to spread your wings, today.

Mighty Eagle Coaching 

Hey, interested in making your passion your paycheck?

That’s exactly what I can do for you. No more wasting your talents at a job where your boss doesn’t care about you. No more rushing home as soon as your shift ends. We want to work so passionately at a job that we forget what time it is.

You have a dream, you have a passion, don’t hide it. Use your unique abilities to entertain, heal or help others. Starting with yourself.

What I want for you is to do work that matters to you. The world needs you to do work that you love.

Now all that’s left is for you to want this for yourself, too. And when you do, I’m here to help you get started and make it happen. Making it happen is more possible than you think.

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Hi, I'm Robert

Hi, I'm Robert

Founder & Coach at Bird to Eagle

See What Others Are Saying

“The sessions give you a chance to reflect whether you are going where you want to go with your goals, and life in general. In the usual slump it’s hard to make time for this. Robert listens really, really well, and then quickly gets to the root of the problem. He was very effectice, in our weekly hourly sessions we achieved alot of progress. Thanks to Robert I am now back on track with my goals.”

Robbert G. (24) & Coachee


“Robert didn’t lead me to where he wanted me to go. He listens carefully to what you’re trying to say, and then uncovers this. It felt like magic sometimes.  Everything he does is in service of me getting the results I want. I found out stuff about myself I would’ve never come up with without Robert’s help. I didn’t know what to expect at first from coaching, but after one session I was sold.”

Johan M. (24) & Coachee

Laboratory Tech

My Mission For The World

Help 100.000 People Become Mighty Eagles

Inspire People To Give It Their All

Learn, Implement, Teach and Spread Happiness

You Shouldn't Be Out There By Yourself. Spread Your Wings, Today.

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